ryan_ward_newI guess it’s time for me to create this page here. My name is Ryan Ward. I’m a real estate agent in Atlanta and I have a real estate team and website called Premier Atlanta Real Estate. I also enjoy the marketing, photography, video and basically all of the technology aspects that are part of the overall real estate profession.

I created this blog in 2007 just so I had a place that I could test things as I learned and experimented with various items such as video and photography techniques to improve my overall marketing of homes. For a couple of years, I created some of my own WordPress themes for real estate agents as I wanted to own my own assets and enjoyed creating them in my spare time. The theme used here on this blog is an example of one I created at that time. Then I got very busy running a successful team and neglected this blog. Looking back now, I wish I would not have done so.

I’ve recently been re-inspired to begin using this platform to share my experiences and insights (sometimes, correct, sometimes not) to help others who share some of the same interests.

This is a blog that I hope people will read and share and comment on to help themselves and me learn. If you have questions, or comments, I encourage you to post comments, make corrections and ask questions so we can all learn together.

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