Exact Match Domains – Still Worth It?

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Well, I don’t know yet, but I’m hoping the answer is yes – provided you build a website that is worth using if you are a consumer. I mean, a domain just to catch a keyword may not rank the way they used to but a real website – one that has the information consumers […]

Neighborhood Websites to Generate Listings

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Community Website My newest test I’m doing is a community website to try and generate listings. I know, it isn’t new and I’ve done it before, but I’ve never really put the effort into it that needs to be made to create a successful endeavor. To do this properly, effectively and professionally, you are going […]

Using WordPress for Custom Single Property Websites

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In the past I’ve used these with some excellent success and I used to keep them here free for people to download. I removed them to update them and I am about to release my first single property website theme in a long time. Originally the homepage had a flash slideshow, but I decided to […]

WordPress iPad app test

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This is a simple test of the free WordPress app for the iPad. I will be trying Blogpress shortly as well and more important.y, I’ll soon post about how you can drop your laptop and write and even sign contracts from your iPad. I see that my theme is not recognized by the app so […]

New Keller Williams Blog Theme

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Update 9/8/09: The theme is live now and can be viewed here downloaded here. The blog themes on the site have been gone for a while now, but, I’ am ready to release a new updated keller Williams Blog theme. Slowly, I’ll get all of them re-released wioth more of a 2.0 feel. The new KW theme […]

How 7 Dollars, Free WordPress and a Few Hours is Worth Thousands of Dollars in Commissions

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If you are reading this blog, you probably know that I create my own single property websites using WordPress. Since I do a lot of these, I have an VPS (Virtual Private Server) to make it quick and easy hosted and www.1and1.com. The dirty truth is that it isn’t really very hard to do it […]

Testing Some REW Power – Flickr Overrated in Google

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I wrote a post the night before last about this years Keller Williams Family Reunion and I wanted to see how it would rank. Currently, it’s just below KW and Flickr, but, I think it will stick longer than the Flickr, but, I really want to just check and see how it’s going to stay […]

Working Out The Kinks in Better Video

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Back in May of 2008, I started to play around with a video plugin for WordPress where I created my virst video. The quality of that video was poor and although I really liked the idea of self-hosting videos for better branding and better quality, the video I shot was really too poor and I really […]

Protected: Abbey at the Mall

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Integrating Flash Graphs for Real Estate in WordPress or other Platforms

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Adding charts to blog posts and websites isn’t exactly new for real estate agents, but, adding slick charts like the one below will not only help convey you as a technology expert in your market, but, will also let your readers see the information more clearly with the flash maps. They are actually pretty easy to […]