Neighborhood Websites to Generate Listings

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Community Website My newest test I’m doing is a community website to try and generate listings. I know, it isn’t new and I’ve done it before, but I’ve never really put the effort into it that needs to be made to create a successful endeavor. To do this properly, effectively and professionally, you are going […]

The Lowdown on High Quality Videos

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If you aren’t making videos work for you yet, you should be! It’s out of its infancy and into mainstream and if you’re like most of the agents who come across my blog here researching video, you are probably at least somewhat of a DIYer. You are in the right place. Here is one I […]

Video Blogging for Real Estate #3 – Screen Capture Videos

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These are great! I have a Mac and I use a program called ScreenFlow. What these do is record what you see on your screen. You can create tutorial videos for how to use certain parts of your website. Here is one I made last night. It took me 10 minutes to make and edit […]

Video Blogging for Real Estate #2 – Talk About the Market

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I just finished and posted a video about the 3rd quarter metro Atlanta market statistics on my main blog. It’s a rather long video and, like my first post in this series, I’m learning too – so I am ok experimenting with length of video here. I suspect it’s too long, but there is no […]

How to Use Video in Real Estate

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Ok, for some time I have tinkered with video none of which I felt was very good. There are several schools of thought on video. I fall into the school that says it should look professional. Others feel as though it’s fine no matter how it looks as long as you do it. I disagree […]