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NOPEBack in January of 2014 I wrote a post about exact match domains and ran a test to see if they still carried weight in Google’s algorithm. While the test certainly was not conclusive and there are many places to find more technical answers, I concluded that there was less weight given to them than there used to be and especially with extensions other than .com.

In fact, I found the test I did so poor that I simply shut down the domain I used (homesforsaleinalpharetta dot net) and no longer use it for anything. It seems (and I’m happy to say) that Google really did devalue that as a metric and looks to more useful information like content on site.

I’ve since found myself simply doing more productive activities like adding quality content to my websites that matter instead of trying to use what amount to simple tricks to gain rankings in the search engines. The truth is that if you have a website that has content that a user feels helpful, they stick around and that is a much better indicator of the quality of a website than the domain name. The really important side benefit to me (and to anyone else doing this) is that if you are constantly updating your website with new content then you are constantly researching the topics your website displays information about and you in turn continue to become more qualified on your particular subject.

So for me, the only thing left to do is to write bout the things my users want to talk about in various ways and on various websites which would be deemed appropriate. My main area of real estate focus is in a northern suburb of Atlanta called Alpharetta. I’m much better talking about Alpharetta real estate like I did here in this blog post with a comprehensive market update than I am talking about the subject of this blog post on my main real estate site. You can do with it what you want but my advice would be to stay on topic on your site, don’t try to sneak some extra rankings with cheap tricks and provide your users what they came for and you will do well in helping your rankings through true work in your subject.

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