Video Blogging for Real Estate #3 – Screen Capture Videos

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These are great! I have a Mac and I use a program called ScreenFlow. What these do is record what you see on your screen. You can create tutorial videos for how to use certain parts of your website. Here is one I made last night. It took me 10 minutes to make and edit […]

Video Blogging for Real Estate #2 – Talk About the Market

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I just finished and posted a video about the 3rd quarter metro Atlanta market statistics on my main blog. It’s a rather long video and, like my first post in this series, I’m learning too – so I am ok experimenting with length of video here. I suspect it’s too long, but there is no […]

How to Use Video in Real Estate

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Ok, for some time I have tinkered with video none of which I felt was very good. There are several schools of thought on video. I fall into the school that says it should look professional. Others feel as though it’s fine no matter how it looks as long as you do it. I disagree […]

How to Keep Conversations Going on Your Blog

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I love blogs and when I come across a topic that I enjoy, I often leave a comment. Sometimes it’s a question, but  all too often, I leave a comment or question and forget that I have done so or I forget the URL of the blog so I can’t continue the conversation. Sure I […]

Using WordPress for Custom Single Property Websites

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In the past I’ve used these with some excellent success and I used to keep them here free for people to download. I removed them to update them and I am about to release my first single property website theme in a long time. Originally the homepage had a flash slideshow, but I decided to […]

WordPress iPad app test

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This is a simple test of the free WordPress app for the iPad. I will be trying Blogpress shortly as well and more important.y, I’ll soon post about how you can drop your laptop and write and even sign contracts from your iPad. I see that my theme is not recognized by the app so […]

The CDPE Designation and Niche Marketing

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Last week I sat down to earn my CDPE designation. If you haven’t looked into it, this might be the next set of skills you sharpen. In this market, understanding short sales, the foreclosure process and helping homeowners who may be able to stay in their homes with loan modifications may be the best way […]

LogoTournament Kicks Out Some Great Options

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How is your real estate logo? If you are like many of us, we try to do it on our own. However, when you get serious and you want to make your appearance look more professional, you need to hire a pro to help with your image and a new logo might be in order. […]

New Keller Williams Blog Theme

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Update 9/8/09: The theme is live now and can be viewed here downloaded here. The blog themes on the site have been gone for a while now, but, I’ am ready to release a new updated keller Williams Blog theme. Slowly, I’ll get all of them re-released wioth more of a 2.0 feel. The new KW theme […]

Pricing Theories to Help Sell Homes

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$499,000, $499,900, $500,000…what’s the difference? Or, how about when you have a home listed at $329,000 and you know you need a price reduction, but, can’t seem to find the right way to convey it to a client? What’s the right way to go about getting a price reduction? First, I presume that you aren’t […]