How 7 Dollars, Free WordPress and a Few Hours is Worth Thousands of Dollars in Commissions

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If you are reading this blog, you probably know that I create my own single property websites using WordPress. Since I do a lot of these, I have an VPS (Virtual Private Server) to make it quick and easy hosted and The dirty truth is that it isn’t really very hard to do it […]

Testing Some REW Power – Flickr Overrated in Google

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I wrote a post the night before last about this years Keller Williams Family Reunion and I wanted to see how it would rank. Currently, it’s just below KW and Flickr, but, I think it will stick longer than the Flickr, but, I really want to just check and see how it’s going to stay […]

Working Out The Kinks in Better Video

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Back in May of 2008, I started to play around with a video plugin for WordPress where I created my virst video. The quality of that video was poor and although I really liked the idea of self-hosting videos for better branding and better quality, the video I shot was really too poor and I really […]

Which Camera is Right for Real Estate Agents?

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Simple. The Nikon D60 DSLR. You do not need to be a pro to use this camera, but, your photos will look like a pro shot them – really. You can buy it on the web for about $450 brand new. A nice new pocket point and shoot will run you $300. Just spend the extra […]

Protected: Abbey at the Mall

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Integrating Flash Graphs for Real Estate in WordPress or other Platforms

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Adding charts to blog posts and websites isn’t exactly new for real estate agents, but, adding slick charts like the one below will not only help convey you as a technology expert in your market, but, will also let your readers see the information more clearly with the flash maps. They are actually pretty easy to […]

How to Use Google Adwords for Real Estate

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I wrote this out for a class I am teaching this morning in my office and I’ve begun to get myself in the habit of posting things that might be of value to more people than just the class I’m teaching. This by no means is the holy grail, but, should serve a beginner rather […]

Blue Day Real Estate Blog Theme is Released

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OK, I’ve finally found some time to release a new and updated theme for the WordPress real estate world. The new theme is called “Blue Day”. Don’t ask me why, I’m not really good at naming themes. This is a pretty solid, easy to use, clean, SEO friendly, real estate ready theme. View and demo […]

Blog Themes Coming Back Soon

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I’m sorry that the themes are a little out of whack on the site right now. I have been focusing large amounts of time and energy on a complete overhaul to my Atlanta real estate website and I’m also in the process of moving my real estate blog to a different file extension and the […]

Integrating Google Maps to Advertise Listings

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I’ve been usig some custom Google maps on my website for some time for a standard IDX map search, but, I have found that they can easily be used to integrate an easy to use Open house tool. Here is how I have it implemented to advertise Atlanta open houses on a page of my […]