Using PHP Instead of SRG Clean Archives

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I had been using SRG Clean Archives on my blogs in the past to help keep all of the posts indexed, but, I stumbled across an idea while editing one of my themes one day and discoverd that a small piece of php code could be used instead to do the same thing and have […]

Format Test

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Google Maps to Advertise Listings

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I love Google. They do the best job with organic search results and they have some very useful programs that we as real estate professionals can use to help sell our listings. Here is a link to my Google Maps homepage that I use to showcase listings. You can easily create and imbed these maps in […]

Which Page to Link to for Your Main Search Terms

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One of the main areas that I service on my real estate website is the city of Alpharetta and for the last year, I have pushed all of the links to that page on my site to try to rank that page for that term. I was stuck around the middle of page one and […]

Creating Featured Listings For Real Estate in WordPress

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I have struggled to find a good solution that allows real estate bloggers to post our listings on our blogs and until now, I have not been able to find a resonable solution. Thanks to Dave Smith I have been able to create featured real estate listings using nextgen gallery. It’s not hard to do so […]

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Has anyone used this? I just found myself there, and the information is accurate, but, I didn’t put it there. Here is a view of my profile: Anyways, if you come across this blog and know who writes these things, I’d love to know. Apparently it’s been there for a few months. Kind of […]

More Trackback Testing

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I have an open house this Sunday and I need to see if my trackbacks are working so I am using this as a test. It’s in my Atlanta Open Houses Category…

Turning a WordPress Blog into a Website

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So it turns out that WordPress can be used for so much more than a blog. Many people already know this, but, I’m still learning. I have turned what was nothing more than a blog about the city I live, Alpharetta, into a full on Alpharetta real estate website. The best part about this is that […]

Testing How Trackbacks Work

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I’ve never used them so in an effort to try to be a better blogger, I’m going to test out a trackback. So I had some clients that I took out this past weekend and we literally drove 500 miles in 2 days to view 15 houses. you can read about the article on my […]

Keller Williams WordPress Blog Theme

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Edit – 8/5/09 –  this theme is now been revamped and can be viewed here and downloaded at first by leaving a comment for me here and I’ll get the theme to you and shortly I’ll post a live link to downoad it directly from here…   My first project is now complete. I have […]