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It’s been a while since I wrote a post about going after long tail keywords in real estate, but I think this is still the best option for real estate agents to compete in an ever crowded online real estate world. To try and compete directly with the large brokerages and syndication websites like Zillow.

Let’s look at some good long tail keywords that could work for those of us still trying to generate business in the organic search results

ranch_homeSince remaining on the first page for city real estate and city homes for sale is becoming increasingly difficult we need to look at having more content on a deeper, more hyperlocal level, where our local expertise can allow us to rise above these larger competitors. When I think about the options for us it comes down as much to how much time we are willing to invest as much as who we are competing against. Maybe I’m not gonna be #1 for “alpharetta real estate” but I might still be able to rank well for terms like “ranch homes for sale in alpharetta” or “homes for sale in alpharetta with pools” and things like this.

web-content-writingYes, it means I have to write more and these pages need to be filled with something other than boilerplate content but in truth, these are the pages where we can truly shine. Let’s say you write a page and include only listings of ranch homes. It’s pretty easy for us to tell a consumer why a ranch home is now a popular choice for buyers and why they represent good values. A national website is just going to show the listings. We can generate lots of good content about their locations, buying trends, values and schools that the big guys just can’t really do.

Make the Most Out of What We Can

Sure you can still try and reach consumers organically with the big search terms but the time and effort needed to compete is overwhelming and most importantly, it’s the long tail keywords that ultimately convert the best. When someone does a search for “atlanta real estate” it isn’t likely they know what they want but when they search specifically for a ranch home in a specific suburb then you know you have someone who has already narrowed their searches.

There are tons of long tails! All you have to do is think it through a bit. How about people who only want a home with a pool in a suburb. You could theoretically create pages for all of the suburbs that have homes with pools. Or basements. Or have 2 car garages. Or are craftsman style homes. Or 2 story homes. Whatever you can think of you can create. It’s these pages you are more likely to win someone over on anyway so get to it. Start writing the deeper content Google wants and your potential buyers are looking for. You are only limited by your time and your imagination to figure out what consumers really want!

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