The CDPE Designation and Niche Marketing

Posted by on Feb 11, 2010 in Marketing | 2 Comments

Last week I sat down to earn my CDPE designation. If you haven’t looked into it, this might be the next set of skills you sharpen. In this market, understanding short sales, the foreclosure process and helping homeowners who may be able to stay in their homes with loan modifications may be the best way […]

LogoTournament Kicks Out Some Great Options

Posted by on Jan 22, 2010 in Marketing | One Comment

How is your real estate logo? If you are like many of us, we try to do it on our own. However, when you get serious and you want to make your appearance look more professional, you need to hire a pro to help with your image and a new logo might be in order. […]

Pricing Theories to Help Sell Homes

Posted by on Jul 7, 2009 in Marketing | No Comments

$499,000, $499,900, $500,000…what’s the difference? Or, how about when you have a home listed at $329,000 and you know you need a price reduction, but, can’t seem to find the right way to convey it to a client? What’s the right way to go about getting a price reduction? First, I presume that you aren’t […]

Integrating Google Maps to Advertise Listings

Posted by on Oct 15, 2008 in Marketing | No Comments

I’ve been usig some custom Google maps on my website for some time for a standard IDX map search, but, I have found that they can easily be used to integrate an easy to use Open house tool. Here is how I have it implemented to advertise Atlanta open houses on a page of my […]

Featured Homes Using NextGen Gallery

Posted by on Aug 5, 2008 in Marketing | One Comment

I’ve started using NextGen to feature all of our Atlanta Homes for sale with small slideshows on our homepage in “feature boxes”. The link opens a new window to each homes single property website. Here’s a screenshot: These are different than most because the photos you see are actually slideshow. I think it brings a […]

Plugins to Help People and Search Engines For A WordPress Blog

Posted by on Mar 8, 2008 in SEO | 3 Comments

WordPress out of the box offers an excellent platform for search engines, but, there are a number of free plugins to improve upon the out-of-the-box platform. I use a number of plugins, but, there are others and some may be better than the ones I use so if you have any recommendations, please reply in […]