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My main website is and I’ve branded our business to reflect this and it has been a very successful marketing effort. I had thought I bought all of the important versions of the domain a couple of years ago, but for some reason, I didn’t. I can’t remember why…

Anyway, I received a google alert for “premier atlanta real estate” last week and found that someone else bought the domain with the .org ending to it and they are planning on using it to lease to another agent in our market. While I know it will be difficult for them to rank for anything significant in Atlanta for most terms, the exact match in the domain name will have them ranking on the first page for “Premier Atlanta Real Estate” and I find this to be a problem. We have people who simply use the search engine who are looking specifically for us and they don’t remember the website name so they google it.

The last thing I want is someone going to some random agent’s website when they are looking for us. This could mean lost business for us and I want to avoid this at all cost. Since the domain with the .org has been taken, I did go back and buy the .net domain and now have a website on it that will reflect Premier Atlanta Real Estate as our company.

The point of this post is that when you buy a domain and that domain is also your brand, make sure you are leasr buy the .net and the .org extensions at the very least. If you don’t and it is a good brand or has good exact match keywords someone else will buy it and you will end up competing against someone for this when you could have owned them instead. It’s not exepnsive to own the extra domains, but it might be worth it for you to keep someone else from trying to compete against you for something you are working hard to build.

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